Thursday, March 28, 2013

Beautiful Toronto Family Session by Carolyn Bentum!

Carolyn Bentum
Carolyn Bentum Photography
Toronto, Ontario Canada

meet Carolyn:
Having spent a couple of years as a kindergarten teacher, prior to launching my photography business full time, has really come in handy when working with young families.  As a mom of two little boys myself, I know first hand just how difficult it can be to get kids to cooperate for an activity that might not have been of their choosing.  My approach to family photography has always been to try and connect with the children as quickly as I can before I pull out my camera.  Then after we've had a little time to chat or play I use those kindergarten teacher tricks to get them to relax and have fun while we shoot.  I find when the kiddos are helping to make the decisions or participating in some fun and playful shots between the ones that I know Mom and Dad really want for their walls and albums, I am able to get them on board for everything we need to do. This particular family are repeat clients (love, love, love it when my clients come back for more :) ).  I knew from their previous session that the key to winning over the girls attention and getting genuine smiles was lots of silly faces and  fun things to do.  I always start off every session with some action, the family walked for a bit first along the trails on this beautiful lakefront property and then I brought the girls over to the log and had them do a couple of frames of them jumping.  When I felt they were needing a change of pace we walked over to a grove of perfectly red maples and had the girls tossing the leaves about (and at Mom and Dad too :) ).  When shooting a family I try to capture a combination of snuggly, action, classic and of course a few fun shots.  I love how well  the two takes on the family hug turned out - all smiles and then playfully covering their eyes from Mom and Dad's kiss. 

As for me, I'm an engagement and lifestyle photographer from Toronto, Ontario who strives to get at the heart of my clients' stories and capture their special moments in photographs.  Three words I use to describe and guide my photography are: fresh, authentic and emotional.  I love getting to know all of my couples and families and to collaborate together to come up with creative ways to portray who they are and to tell their stories so that they will be able to share these memories with those they love and cherish the most. 

Monday, March 25, 2013

a sweet little newborn session by Kelli Dease

Kelli Dease
Kelli Dease Photography
Historic Downtown Collinsville(Canton), Connecticut 

meet Kelli:
I was honored to be asked back again by this family as they welcomed their second daughter. I love how these images turned out. Not only is this baby gorgeous (she has the best eyelashes) but the soft tones of the blankets and wraps really work well with her beautiful skin tone. 

Kelli's studio

Friday, March 22, 2013

beautiful maternity from Canada!

Carolyn Bentum
Carolyn Bentum Photography

Ontario, Canada

meet Carolyn:
I love, love, love it where I get referrals from my clients (what photographer doesn't :) ).  This gorgeous couple was one of these referrals.  I photographed the Mom-to-be sister's wedding this past fall and was so excited to book and shoot this maternity session for this couple's first baby.  Normally early March sessions in Ontario are cold, cold and colder.  However, sometimes we get lucky and are blessed with some warm sunshine and this session happened to be one of those days.  We shot at a conservation area near the couple's home which offered a variety of different settings - trails, a historic home, some play equipment and plenty of nooks and crannies.  I love it when I am able to shoot at a location that has such variety - it gives me the opportunity to create and present the client with images that are unique and diverse.  When possible, I always shoot in the late afternoon to early evening when the sun is beginning its descent for the day.  The soft, late afternoon light we had for this session reflected perfectly off the white snow to give the photos a bit of a radiant feel and made it easy for me to edit in my clean and natural fashion.  My main goal for a maternity session is to capture the emotion and excitement that pregnancy brings.  By giving couples time and opportunities to snuggle, laugh and quietly reflect about their precious little one, I am able to capture sweet moments of affection between the soon-to-be parents and their anticipated babe. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

playing with light...

Kollene Carlsson
Blonde Cow Photography
Sarasota, Florida

I often get asked how do I get the golden sun yumminess... and I thought maybe today I could share with you, just that... 
It all depends on the time of day and what the sun is doing...
Early morning or before sunset works best for me.
 but I usually cross my fingers and look for the light and things happen! You can just see it illuminate and you only have a short amount of time to make it happen! Usually my heart is pounding out of my chest and then, when I get the shot I know it's going to be magical! It makes me so happy! First you have to make sure your settings are correct... for this I had my iso at 320 f/3.2 1/320 and was using my favorite 50mm 1.4 but really I try to be in the moment and not crazy concerned with my settings... we should be a little bit careful but mostly in the moment! I always shoot into the light! ALWAYS! putting my subject between me and the light and metering off the subject is my recipe! I really try to see and talk to my subjects through my lens... laughing... watching the sun... all through the lens... myself personally, I don't like extreme flare but more so warm honey golds... so you have to be careful where you are placing. sometimes you can be lucky and get some nice trees to let the sun filter through... 

It's so pretty to let the sun sneak through a kiss...  for this shot I had my iso at 500 f /2.8 1/125. 

or you can let the light filter through lace... just let the light dance on in... it will do magic for your senses and you'll love your shots!
Whenever I go to any shoot I look for the light first! Kind of important since I'm a 100% natural light shooter... but I find that the light is always there... you just have to see it.

Be creative with it! Let it dance off of the groom's shoulder!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Photography by Lyndsey -a gorgeous maternity shoot!

Lyndsey Piccolino
Photography by Lyndsey
Pittsburgh, PA

meet Lyndsey:
This session was a maternity session for a young couple expecting their first baby, a boy.  It was shot in February.  Generally February in Pittsburgh has terrible weather, gray skies, rain/snow, general drab.  But for our session, the weather warmed up and we had gorgeous light and sun!  The fact that I was able to capture sun flare in February absolutely astounded me.  Our location was an old mansion that is located near a public park.  The mansion is used for weddings and events, but the outdoor area is open to the public.  I chose this location because I was inspired by the beautiful architecture it has as well as the contrast between soft and hard.  Also, no matter what the season is, this mansion also has a variety of natural elements to incorporate.  For one shot, I framed my couple using tree branches.   My style is very soft and romantic and I really loved to see the softness of the expecting couple against the hard stone and distinct architecture and the winter-laden landscape.  There is a variety of angles and lines to work with, which is creates a lot of dimension.  The only prop we used was a baby blue pashmina.  Since the couple knew they were having a boy, we wanted to incorporate blue into the photos.  I try to keep my photography as clean as possible and only incorporate props that I feel really fit the session.  The highlight of this session was the love of the couple and their beautiful baby boy on his way.  I especially love doing maternity for first time couples because they are experiencing everything new and have no expectations.  You can almost see a quiet anticipation on their faces.  

As for me, I am a boutique photographer from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.  I shoot engagement, wedding, maternity, and newborn photography.  My goal is to create beautiful artwork and memories for all of the client's memorable "firsts".  My style can best be described as romantic and charming.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Happy Weekend!!!

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend from Hearts in Focus!!! 

What is everyone shooting this weekend? A wedding? a family? a baby? your own little muses??? some leprechauns? Do tell pretty please! We love to hear from all of you! It's been such a fun first week hearing from so many talented amazing photographers from around the world!!! I cannot wait to share their stories and inspire! 
Stay tuned for Monday's post! an amazzzzing photographer from Pittsburgh will be here sharing a beautiful story of a maternity session! it's really pretty! Wait until you see how she captures such pretty light! oooooh goosebumps! 
Happy shooting! Enjoy your weekend everyone! See you Monday!
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Friday, March 15, 2013

Kelli Dease Photography -Studio Tour

Kelli Dease
Kelli Dease Photography
Historic Downtown Collinsville (Canton), Connecticut

meet Kelli:
After years of working out of a small spare room in my home, I finally opened a retail studio in January of 2012. My studio is a 1,200 sq. foot loft, located in a renovated factory building in historic downtown Collinsville (Canton), Connecticut. I still prefer to go outdoors for toddler and family sessions, but the studio is the perfect option for newborn, baby and maternity sessions, and a great indoor option for the colder months of the year. 

Kelli's website