Friday, March 22, 2013

beautiful maternity from Canada!

Carolyn Bentum
Carolyn Bentum Photography

Ontario, Canada

meet Carolyn:
I love, love, love it where I get referrals from my clients (what photographer doesn't :) ).  This gorgeous couple was one of these referrals.  I photographed the Mom-to-be sister's wedding this past fall and was so excited to book and shoot this maternity session for this couple's first baby.  Normally early March sessions in Ontario are cold, cold and colder.  However, sometimes we get lucky and are blessed with some warm sunshine and this session happened to be one of those days.  We shot at a conservation area near the couple's home which offered a variety of different settings - trails, a historic home, some play equipment and plenty of nooks and crannies.  I love it when I am able to shoot at a location that has such variety - it gives me the opportunity to create and present the client with images that are unique and diverse.  When possible, I always shoot in the late afternoon to early evening when the sun is beginning its descent for the day.  The soft, late afternoon light we had for this session reflected perfectly off the white snow to give the photos a bit of a radiant feel and made it easy for me to edit in my clean and natural fashion.  My main goal for a maternity session is to capture the emotion and excitement that pregnancy brings.  By giving couples time and opportunities to snuggle, laugh and quietly reflect about their precious little one, I am able to capture sweet moments of affection between the soon-to-be parents and their anticipated babe. 

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