Tuesday, March 19, 2013

playing with light...

Kollene Carlsson
Blonde Cow Photography
Sarasota, Florida

I often get asked how do I get the golden sun yumminess... and I thought maybe today I could share with you, just that... 
It all depends on the time of day and what the sun is doing...
Early morning or before sunset works best for me.
 but I usually cross my fingers and look for the light and things happen! You can just see it illuminate and you only have a short amount of time to make it happen! Usually my heart is pounding out of my chest and then, when I get the shot I know it's going to be magical! It makes me so happy! First you have to make sure your settings are correct... for this I had my iso at 320 f/3.2 1/320 and was using my favorite 50mm 1.4 but really I try to be in the moment and not crazy concerned with my settings... we should be a little bit careful but mostly in the moment! I always shoot into the light! ALWAYS! putting my subject between me and the light and metering off the subject is my recipe! I really try to see and talk to my subjects through my lens... laughing... watching the sun... all through the lens... myself personally, I don't like extreme flare but more so warm honey golds... so you have to be careful where you are placing. sometimes you can be lucky and get some nice trees to let the sun filter through... 

It's so pretty to let the sun sneak through a kiss...  for this shot I had my iso at 500 f /2.8 1/125. 

or you can let the light filter through lace... just let the light dance on in... it will do magic for your senses and you'll love your shots!
Whenever I go to any shoot I look for the light first! Kind of important since I'm a 100% natural light shooter... but I find that the light is always there... you just have to see it.

Be creative with it! Let it dance off of the groom's shoulder!


  1. Kollene! I struggle with "noise" while shooting into the light like this. My photos almost always turn up darker than I would like. Any tips? Love your work as always! - Jill

  2. shoot wide open! like at 1.4! and make sure your iso isn't up too much... at most 500... but no more... and make sure the sun isn't crazy bright if so it will get crazy... have the sun positioned in the trees... behind drift wood... and play around keep letting more and more peek up... just practice until you make it sweet and check what your settings were at then... then just keep playing with the light until it because like second nature and you will always get these warm tones... I would love to meet one day and show you in person! I keep the shutter pretty slow a lot too... my hand is really steady and sometimes that makes the images really bright and pretty! also if you look up at the side bar you can click where the Totally Rad actions are! they are having a sale just now and have some amazing actions! one that will help with the noise and grain is "Smoothamatic" and select a sharp. :-)

  3. Kollene, Thanks for the tips! I would love to meet with you anytime! I always need extra help. Especially just doing this on my own, I never have ideas or info to bounce off of anyone. I will whip out my camera tonight and practice these things you have shared. I thought I had every action known to man but I haven't bought the "smoothamatic". Thanks again for sharing your tips! I am going to keep following and sharing your blog with others!

    Thank you, Jill