Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Vendors we 'Heart' -meet Forbeyon

Forbeyon Album Crafters

meet Forbeyon:
Our studio has been using Forbeyon for years and love them more and more every day! At first we honestly thought these styles of amazing albums were just for weddings... but lately we HAVE been selling these to probably every other client that walks through our door... it started by accident... we had one sitting on the seat next to a client that we just shot her and her adorable little boys... she looked over during her ordering session and said... "What's THAT!" we were like... "oh it's just a wedding album... pretty huh"... she was like "I HAVE to HAVE it!!!! We have discovered that the high end clients want high end products! We truly believe and educate our clients that to tell an amazing story of your lives you MUST get an album! along with something amazing for your walls... We still do sell usually with each client our typical Boutique Album... but lately we have stepped it up and have introduced our Couture line of albums to portrait sessions as well! It's taken off and we couldn't be more excited! Our clients love the way we design our albums... nice and clean layouts... lots of white open space... when looking at our albums it's very calming because they are so simple... you feel really good and happy with every page you turn... 
We highly recommend selling albums to your clients... especially albums from Forbeyon!!! I think the best way to do this is with a sample of a family... the moment a client holds these albums in their hands they want them! I promise... They are so beautiful!
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