Thursday, February 13, 2014

Amazing Landscape Photographer Liya Bergstrom...

Liya Bergstrom
Liya Nicole Photography
Sarasota, Florida

meet Liya:
Hello! My name is Liya Bergstrom, I am an amateur photographer in Sarasota Florida. I have only lived in the area since July 2013, but since the move I have discovered my passion for landscape photography. Living so close to the beach, I am there almost every morning! I have become captivated by the beyond gorgeous sunrises on The Keys. I find myself completely blown away each morning. No day is the same and each sunrise shares different whimsical moments. I also love cosmetology, and have done a little bit of portrait photography, but until now I have never captured the beauty of raw nature. Many people don’t realize the abounding beauty and neecessity of the sun and sky. My desire is to share with people the blessing of scenery and the sun through my photos. Being only an amateur, I really appreciate learning new skills and techniques to the art of photography from other photographers. The photos attached are from a recent shoot at Lido Park which was an amazing sunrise to see! It was one of the few chilly mornings here in Sarasota. There were many different textures and patterns to observe and capture that morning. The currents in the water that created jacuzzi effects, the shells that sparkled like jewels, and the pure white sand as fluffy as snow! Hope you enjoy! 
More of my photos are uploaded to Instagram:

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