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I wanted to make a space where other photographers and aspiring artists could go and dream! Be inspired! Create! Learn! I thought a blog would be quite a fun way to do it! Every day I hope to update with posts of photographers from all over the world... being creative together! Learning together! Giving advice! 

That's what I love so much about photography is the ideas and dreams never stop! There is so much talent and creativity in this beautiful world and my dream is to have a space where we can come daily and be inspired!

I am Kollene Carlsson, a photographer based in sunny Sarasota, Florida! My husband and I have a boutique photography studio in our fun city called Blonde Cow Photography! We have 2 little girls that we love to pieces! In our spare time you may find us up to our elbows in the sand making castles and flying kites! It's a good life...